What makes it Original? Blog By @TerriusMykel

I was inspired to create this post because in the past two weeks I have received a plethora of screenshots from different artist regarding my work being replicated or an attempt at recreation is in the works. I've looked at the more optimistic side of things - "Maybe I'm a source of influence, or I inspire other creatives to do even better things" , however,  as an artist in any type of field, one your primary concentrations should be on Originality - "the ability to think independently and creatively".  I challenge myself to create what has not been done. For instance, I have a song that I have listened to over 400 times, and I have yet to come up with a definite creative & original concept to produce the music video, because in my creative process I refuse to look at other music videos for ideas and influence. It may take another 400 listens , but the final product will be much more intriguing than if I had taken the easy alternative [watching someone's else work]. It is true that we are influenced on what we have seen already and every new idea is just an innovation of what we have done already but at the same time "Dare to be Different" 

Below I have included images of some recent creations that were all original Ideas and how the ideas was brought to existence. 


Money Makin Nique's Opening Live Performance Act @ The Regular Show ATL . The idea came about when we were trying to come up with ideas that would create a better stage performance than the typical live performance. I wanted a beautifully figured woman to open up & dance on  stage before Money Makin Nique entered the stage , Nique innovated the idea by having the same woman from his album cover to feature in this project. 

Maman Savage's "On the Road" Music video idea came to me over a period time. He wanted to shoot the video back in January , then mentioned it again in March, but I wasn't quite ready to shoot the video yet because I didn't have a solid concept. I listened to this song over 400-500 times at least, over a period of 5 months.  Then I decided to think outside the box even more, and get away from what the song is actually talking about and tell a different story. 

Key!'s "Summertime" Music video featuring Manman Savage happened when Manman Savage called me saying he and Key just got out the studio from recording a song and they are trying to shoot the video this week, the song was sent to my email, and I had the idea within listening to the song 5 times. I could have went a lot of different ways with the video, but I thought how could we have fun without trying to over do it but keep it interesting while doing something that hasn't been done. I got the idea across to Key and Manman and they didn't question it and we shot it the next day. I don't think anyone has had a model in a bikini thong in the middle of one of Atlanta's most busiest Urban Streets on a late Friday afternoon. The police drove by a couple of times but I guess they never seen anything like this so they didn't know what to do.