How I started Directing

As far as entertainment goes, I was first intrigued into music producing and engineering, I quickly noticed that everyone begin to partake in music producing, and I wanted to separate my creative ideas into a different form and bring them to life visually. I purchased my first piece of camera equipment from Walmart when I was 18 , it was a Nikon D3100, at that point in time I did not know too much about how the camera operated but I knew how to point-and-shoot. I begin to create in-home videos and paranormal stories, they were really wack too. A year later I got In the mix of shooting photography and events. Those were always boring, then I immediately knew shooting pictures wasn't my niche. At 20 I shot my first music video http://youtu.be/mvTOJR4Ta_s with the same Nikon d3100 camera, bad quality camera to shoot music videos, but at the time I didn't know any better, as long as it said HD, I thought it was going to be of excellence. Fast forward two years later and I'm shooting with equipment setups easily over $20k, working wth music labels & executives, signing deals, and cutting checks.  Even though it's not about the camera or the worth of the equipment , you can measure progression by the amount of money being invested into your work flow. 
The key to any form of success is vision, no matter what camera or resources you have at your availability, you are the determining factor to achievement.